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Guide to Adhesives

by Israel Meneses
Guide to Adhesives

Environmental Policies for Adhesives.

Many in eyelash extension industry, professionals lash artists and students, have inquired about the relationship between adhesives and humidity. The following has been compiled to help everyone better understand Minkys Professional Grade Adhesives, which are the foundational for lasting eyelash extensions.

  • Adhesives cure faster in warmer temperatures; optimal treatment room temp is 68 degrees.
  • Humidity is your FRIEND. Adhesives cure by the catalytic activity (chemical reaction) between the humidity in the air and the humidity of the adhesive.
  • The higher the humidity is the faster the adhesive cures. Best humidity for good strong bonds is 40-70%.
  • Low humidity slows the bonding time.
  • Too high humidity (over 80%) and shock polymerization occurs. This is when the outer layer of the adhesive cures so fast it blocks moisture to the inner layers, which then do not cure. The result is a weak bond.
  • Adhesives consistency and viscosity differ greatly.  Viscosity is the measurement of a fluids internal resistance to flow.  For example, water has a low viscosity and honey has a high viscosity.   The higher the viscosity, the thicker the consistency of an adhesive, and visa versa.

Minkys Premium Adhesive. Contains 98% Ethyl Cyanoacrylate which is the primary ingredient in most cyanoacrylate adhesives. This adhesive has a higher viscosity than our other adhesives, and a thicker consistency. Our Premium Adhesive attaches quickly; about 3 seconds after placing an extension onto a natural lash and can hold up to 6 weeks. Recommended humidity level of 20-50%. For use by professionally trained and certified lash artists who have precise isolation and placement skills.

Minkys Ultra Plus Adhesive. Contains more than 85% Alkoxy-2-Cyanoacrylate and cures with added flexibility. According to the National Institute of Health the incorporation of etheric oxygen (alkoxyethyl) in cyanoacrylate allowed for the production of flexible monomers with good adhesive strength. Thus, our Ultra Plus has the strongest hold. Ultra Plus has a thin, watery consistency and a low viscosity.

Ultra Plus attaches in 4-5 seconds, and has a very strong bond once cured, up to 8 weeks. However, Minkys Ultra Plus has the highest fume output, and may cause clients with sensitivities to cyanoacrylate to experience irritation or have an allergic reaction. The irritation or reaction may last up to three days after the service. Recommended humidity level of 50-80%. Recommended for professionally trained and certified lash artist with two or more years of experience.

Minkys Ultra Bond Adhesive. Contains less than 80% Alkoxy-2-Cyanoacrylate and cures with added flexibility. Ultra Bond attaches within 4-5 seconds, and has up to a 6-7 week hold. Our Ultra Bond is very popular for newly certified lash artists who live in humid climates. Recommended relative Humidity 50-80%. For use by professionally trained and certified lash artists who have precise isolation and placement skills.


Adhesive Logic

The Main Ingredient in all eyelash adhesives is Cyanoacrylate, which is processed differently to create different strengths and variations (see above description of Minkys Adhesives). Cyanoacrylate is also known as instant glue, abbreviated “CA”.
According to The Royal Science of Chemistry: “The secret to (the adhesives’) stickiness is cyanoacrylate, a type of plastic known as an acrylic resin. It exists in the tube as single molecules in liquid form. But when they come into contact with water, the molecules react with hydroxide ions to form long polymer chains that set into a hard solid. As there is a thin layer of moisture covering most surfaces, cyanoacrylate can bond them together very effectively.”

More Adhesive Logic:
• Less is ALWAYS more. Using less adhesives will result in less stickies, less weight and cleaner work.
• Only dip the bottom 2-3 mm of extensions into the adhesive
• Pull extension out of the drop of adhesive SLOWLY to pick up less adhesive.

Client Concerns:

  • Fumes from CA are a vaporized form of cyanoacrylate monomer that may irritate sensitive membranes in the eye, nose and throat.
  • About 5% of your clientele will become sensitized to CA fumes after repeated exposure. They may experience flu like symptoms, or have an allergic skin reaction (swelling of the eyes and eyelids).
  • To minimize these risks, keep your treatment room well ventilated, use the Minkys Anti-Allergy Gel and the Mini Cooler Fan and Humidifier.
  • The US National Toxicology Program and UK Health and Safety Executive have concluded that the proper use of CA is safe in the hands of licensed, well-trained professionals.

Prevent adhesive from curing in the bottle:

  1. Clean nozzle after each use.
  2. Close cap quickly and tightly.
  3. Store in the adhesive pouch with the silica pack.

For the Professional Lash Artist:

  • If uncured CA comes in contact with cotton and wool fibers a strong chemical reaction will occur. This reaction is a powerful and produces intense heat that may cause burns.
  • Do not wear cotton or wool near CA and make sure to protect your clients as well.
  • Never use cotton tip swabs with or near uncured adhesives.
  • Do not swipe or blot wet CA on medical tape use to hold down the lower lashes. Most medical tape contains cotton fibers and contact with the fibers will cause a chemical reaction to occur.


Amelia Meneses, Master Professional Lash Artist and Co-Founder, Minkys/Extend Your Lashes

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