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How to Build Your Clientele as a Lash Artist

by Israel Meneses
How to Build Your Clientele as a Lash Artist

Every lash artist relies on a steady client base to grow their business, but building a clientele can be a challenge, particularly for new business owners.

Explore these eight tips on how to build your clientele that can help you regardless of where you are in your lash business journey.


8 Tips to Help Lash Artists Build Clientele

Use these tips to boost your business and get more clients through the doors.


1. Use Social Media

With Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, creating an online portfolio to share pictures of your work is easier than ever. Head to social media and set up business profiles on the best apps for you and your workflow.

Consider these accounts an essential component of your business and post clear, professional photos with location-specific hashtags—without overdoing it. Make sure to obtain consent from all subjects in the images before sharing them.

2. Build a Network

Making connections with fellow professionals is crucial in the beauty industry. Reach out to other beauty experts and technicians in your area to help grow your client base.

Two professional women shaking hands.

As you connect with local hair, brow, nail, and makeup artists, keep cross-promotion opportunities in mind. Request mutual promotion through social media or direct client referrals.

3. Attend Industry Events

Trade shows offer lash artists a glimpse into the industry's current state and where it’s headed in the future, helping attendees plan ahead. Some events even offer dedicated networking opportunities and skill-building demonstrations to help those in attendance to grow and promote their businesses.

Attending industry events allows you to meet with some of the industry’s best. You can get a front-row seat to how some of the top companies work. As you interact with others in the beauty industry, you can also get a few tips and tricks on how to build clientele and run your business from those who already have an established following.

4. Establish Your Branding

Building a brand involves more than just picking a business name and logo with aesthetic value. Your brand should represent your core business plan and company values to give your clients a greater purpose in booking with you.

Reflect on what you want to communicate to your clients through your branding and choose around three to five values that set your business apart. Examples include:

  • Passion
  • Customer service
  • Luxury
  • Simplicity
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Uniqueness
  • Affordability
  • Respect
  • Friendliness

Friendly woman opening the door to clients.

The more clearly you can define your brand image, voice, and purpose, the easier it will be for clients to understand your business and what you offer, which can attract the types of clients you seek.

5. Request Online Reviews

Reviews are a powerful tool that can help build your clientele as a lash artist. Clients are less likely to book an appointment with an artist with no reviews, instead seeking artists with more credibility.

Don’t be afraid to ask clients, friends, and family you’ve worked with to leave positive reviews. When you make the request, include a link to your Google or Yelp page to make it even easier for them to leave a glowing rating. Responding to all reviews is worth showing your engagement and openness to feedback.

6. Offer Special Promotions and Discounts

As you build your clientele, offering the occasional promotion or special discount can bring in potential clients. Examples include a discount for first-time clients, lower-priced packaged services, and a loyalty program incentivizing return visits.

7. Seek Referrals

One of the ways to build your clientele is to start a client referral reward program. This type of program helps build loyalty with your existing clients and motivates them to tell their friends and family about your services. You could offer both clients a discount, free service, or free product.

8. Master Your Craft

Ultimately, the most successful way to build client loyalty is to be the best at what you do. To make a name for yourself in the business, you must stay on top of industry trends and keep your skills sharp while delivering excellent customer service and making personal connections with your clients.

A woman receiving an eyelash extension service.

To continue improving your artistry, consider enrolling in a hands-on lash training program with Minkys. One of the great benefits of taking our hands-on workshops is you get to work with an established lash artist and business owner in your area! Your trainer will mentor you on your lash journey to guide you on what works best for your location.

This resource can help you take your lash business to the next level, providing insights into how to build your clientele. Find out why Minkys Lash Artist training is a leading certification program for new lash stylists and existing professionals.

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