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Lash Extension Aftercare: 6 Tips to Share with Your Clients

by Israel Meneses
Lash Extension Aftercare: 6 Tips to Share with Your Clients

If you work as a lash artist, you understand how critical it is to educate your clients on proper lash extension aftercare. When customers seek to preserve their lashes and present a vibrant look, they want the best solutions, products, and artists who will deliver on those promises. 

Lash extension aftercare

Your salon should deliver on those styling expectations. The question is: What are the best aftercare practices, and how can you educate your clients on these tips? This guide will cover everything lash artists should know about proper extension aftercare treatment. 


Why Care about Educating Clients on Aftercare Strategies? 

Education is critical if you want your clients to receive the best eyelash treatment with long-term results. Eyelash extensions are sensitive to extreme conditions and common habits such as face-touching. Sharing proper lash extension aftercare solutions with your clients is essential to helping them avoid unnecessary complications and diseases. 

For example, if your clients don’t clean their extensions regularly, this can cause blepharitis—an allergic reaction where eyelids become red, irritated, and itchy. Not only will this affect your customers’ eyelashes extensively, but it will also hurt your company’s image in the long run. 

When you communicate with your customers on lash care practices, you improve their experience, establish trust, and retain clients who will recommend your services to others; the result: More satisfied clients and an improved company reputation.


6 Best Practices for Lash Extension Aftercare

Here are six lash extension aftercare tips you should share with your customers before they walk out the door:


1. Wash Extensions Regularly

This tip cannot be overstated. Washing eyelash extensions is critical to minimizing dirt, debris, or residue that builds up. This doesn’t mean your clients should simply get in the shower to get the job done. Inform your clients that they’ll need specially-formulated cleansers that can remove unwanted buildup without eroding the lash glue. 

Luckily, Minkys offers a Lashampoo foaming cleanser with formulated ingredients designed to keep natural lashes cleaned and looking fresh. Best of all, it’s a great gentle cleanser for the whole face.


2. Avoid Touching Your Extensions

Playing with your lashes is a habit old as time, but it’s one that must be broken for proper lash treatment. Clients should resist the urge to turn, twist, or pull their lashes out. Playing with or touching your lash extensions can result in premature shedding, which means lashes will shed faster than usual. 


3. Avoid Sleeping on Your Face

As silly as it sounds, you’ll want to inform your clients that they should sleep on their backs or sides to keep their extensions in top shape. Why? Sleeping on your stomach can decrease the longevity of lashes, undoing all the effort that went into putting them on. Inform your clients that face-sleeping can damage their lashes.


4. Use Oil-Free Makeup and Sunscreens

Chances are, your clients will want to apply makeup around their eyes. Help them understand which makeup products they should avoid and which ones are safe for application. For example, waterproof mascara can soften the glue on lash extensions, so that one should be avoided. 

However, oil-free cosmetics are safe to use. They won’t dissolve the glue that keeps lashes intact or lead to unwanted breakouts (acne).

Oil free sunscreen for lash extension aftercare

5. Avoid Extreme Heat

Extreme heat can melt lashes. This happens because most eyelash extension materials contain plastic fiber, which is susceptible to dissolving under extreme conditions. In addition to avoiding extreme heat, you should tell your clients to avoid close contact with blow dryers, ovens, stoves, or anything with open flames.  


6. Brush Regularly

Brushing eyelash extensions is a solid lash practice that can minimize pollen, dust, or makeup. Advise clients to start in the middle of the extension and brush outward away from their eyes. This tip is to ensure extensions don’t rip off during the brushing process. 

Brush eyelash extensions

How to Educate Clients on Effective Aftercare Tips

Take the time to address customer needs, clarify concerns, and ensure they have the crucial knowledge to take care of their lashes. Here is what you can do as a lash stylist:


  • Before an appointment: Perform a consultation to identify what your customers want. This way, you can customize a client’s aftercare treatment.
  • During an appointment: Provide a relaxing session. Let them know if you need to make any adjustments while addressing any questions that come up.
  • After an appointment: Consider giving your clients a thank-you card with detailed aftercare instructions. Not only will they appreciate the sentiment, but you’ll also encourage them to continue using your services.  

  • Aftercare Solutions from Minkys

    Minkys can supply everything your salon needs for lash extension aftercare treatment.

    Whether you need extension removers or lash tweezers to isolate individual lashes during a session, we’ve got you covered. 

    Contact us today for more information.

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