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Beauty School Program

Minkys Beauty School Program



Eyelash Extensions Beauty School Program

Have you ever thought about adding Lash Services to your curriculum?
Minkys works with several different beauty schools in various states and we think you and your students would love our program.
Minkys currently offers...

Beauty School Lash Curriculum

Minkys Institute

Beauty School Lash Curriculum

Minkys Beauty School Program comes with lifetime access to Minkys Online Institute (MOI).

This is where students can log in online and go through the theory, health, safety, sanitation, and how-to’s of applying eyelash extensions. As new information and techniques come out, Minkys Online Institute is updated so your students will always have continuing lash education, even after graduation. This ensures that your students can always offer their clientele the latest and greatest innovations in lashes.

One of the courses within the MOI goes over how to use the Student’s Practice Kit, an incredibly valuable resource both in and outside of the workshop.

Minkys Beauty School Practice Kit

This Kit allows your students to practice with and get comfortable holding their tweezers and picking up and placing lashes before moving to a live model. Here at Minkys, we cater to all kinds of learning styles, and our Eyelash Training Practice Kit is a great tool for tactile learning.


Minkys Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest-growing markets in the beauty industry. Partnering with Minkys gives your school a competitive edge and is a surefire way to catch the eyes of applying students. Keep your school relevant and trendy by offering eyelash training with Minkys. We can help take your school to the next level! 

Minkys has been in the Lash Business since 2006 and has developed the best products and training. Our products are time-tested, award-winning, and high-quality. Thousands of students internationally have completed and received certification in our training programs—you can feel confident that you’ll always be in excellent hands with Minkys. 

As a partner school, you'll receive:


How to Add Lashes to Your Curriculum with Minkys

If you’re looking into the process of adding Lashes to your curriculum with Minkys, congratulations! You’ve made a great decision. 

1. Reach Out

Your first step is to contact us as soon as possible. The quicker we get in contact, the quicker we can incorporate eyelash extension training into your beauty school program


2. Meet Your Trainer

Once you reach out to us, we’ll set you up with a trainer. Most schools find it convenient to keep a trainer in-house for their students. Each of our trainers is trained and certified before teaching at other schools. 


3. Set Up Your Workshop

The final step is to set a workshop date. We’ll work together to figure out a day and assess how many students will attend. Once you have a head count, you can order your Minkys Beauty School Kits. Kits are $165 per student and have proven to be incredibly useful in eyelash training.

Partnering with Minkys for eyelash extension and lash lift training has many benefits, including:

  • Lashes added at little to no cost to the school
  • A Minkys-trained lash educator
  • Online resources
  • Increased revenue
  • Job opportunities
  • Student certification 

Our curriculum gives you the freedom to ensure the training folds seamlessly into your school’s processes. You can go over the online portion as a class or require students to go through it on their own time.


Choose Quality, Choose Minkys

Introducing eyelash training to your beauty school program will broaden the horizon of your students and your staff. Receiving certification will open up job opportunities for your current students and quickly bring in new students. 

If you’re ready to take your school to the next level and provide a service that will benefit everyone involved, contact us today. Call us at 888-670-9083 or email corporate@minkys.com.

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