Minkys Aftercare Products are great gift ideas!
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Minkys Aftercare Products are great gift ideas!

by Israel Meneses
Minkys Aftercare Products are great gift ideas!

• During the winter months, our eyelash extensions will take longer set. Why? It’s because of the lack of humidity in the air. It is especially important this time of year to wait 24-48 hours before getting your lashes wet after a fill or full set.

• When it gets cold or dry our lashes become brittle. In the winter the weather is dry, heaters, and cozy fires make the air even drier. It is important to protect your lashes with Minkys Luxe Clear Sealant to extend your lashes life.

• Dry skin around your eyes? EyesCream is excellent to hydrate the skin around the eyes and can reduce wrinkles.  Our cream is safe to use around the eyes, non-greasy, and highly absorbent. Very little goes a long way, remember to not apply directly to the lashes only on the skin around the eyes.

• Lashes are umbrellas for the eyes, which means you need to keep them clean. Our Lashampoo formula is like no other, it cleans, hydrates, and reduces bacteria that can get into your lashes.  Remember… Lashes are umbrellas for your eyes protecting them from the elements. Lash extensions make them longer and fuller, therefore, catching more dirt and bacteria.

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